Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter (VPLF)

The pressure vessel is filled with solution. Each filter element is surrounded by solution. The solution is pressurized and the liquid is pushed through the filter cake and into the filter element.

The filtrate goes out of the filter through the filter outlet. The solid particles remain on the elements as a filter cake.

Make a precoat layer (optional) on the filter elements before starting a filtration cycle. Supply the solution (with added precoat aid) through the filter until the precoat layer has the correct thickness.

A filter cake is necessary to get a clear filtrate. The first filtrate will not be clear. Keep supplying solution to start building a filter cake. Filtration starts when the filter cake is of sufficient thickness and the filtrate becomes clear.

Vertical Pressure Leaf filter

A filtration cycle ends when you get the:

  • maximum permitted pressure difference
  • maximum design pressure
  • maximum cake thickness.

At the end of a filtration cycle the contents of the pressure vessel are removed. The cake is dried with air, an inert gas or steam. After the pressure is released the bottom valve is opened. The vibrators start and shake the cake loose from the filter elements. The cake goes through the bottom valve.

Filter advantages

  • High filtrate clarity
  • High yield low product losses
  • Large filtration area – small footprint (high headroom)
  • No filter cloth – no washing or cloth replacements
  • Totally enclosed operation – no contact with air/moisture
  • Positive pressure – no vacuum or lowered pressures necessary
  • Wet or dry cake discharge
  • Possible extraction of the filter cake within the filter
  • Easy to automate – operation with minimum labour
  • Fast and effective cleaning without manual interference.
  • Mechanically simple
  • Easy access to the filter leaves for maintenance or extra leaf cleaning
  • Intensive cleaning of filter medium is possible
  • Improved housekeeping
  • Steam heating optional

Typical applications

Dry cake discharge

  • Edible oils
  • Crude oil
  • Bleaching
  • Winterisation
  • Sulphur

Wet cake discharge

  • Sugars
  • Water glass
  • Beer
  • Brine

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