Seawater filter

Seawater filter Automatic back flushing filter

Seawater filter automatic back flushing filter: High flow continuous automatic operation during back flush wedge wire multi element filtration from 25 microns


Seawater Filtration System Filtration Group UK-1780


The seawater filter is a back flushing filter for the removal of solid contaminates from water and emulsions. Filtered residues are automatically discharged without interrupting the filtration process. The robust design of this filter ensures high functional reliability and minimum running costs.


  • Flexible design approach, we can design and build to all major Oil & Gas end user specifications.
  • Numerous filtration elements
  • High filtration area small vessel.
  • Small diameter elements
  • High element collapse pressure.
  • Compact vessel Reduced weight, cost and height.
  • Short Back flush cycle
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Integration into new and brownfield projects.

Materials of construction

  • Super duplex stainless steel
  • Rubber lined carbon steel
  • Glass flake lined carbon steel
  • SMo stainless steel internals in super duplex
  • stainless steel Pipework in SDplx or FREP
  • Valves in SDplx or aluminium bronze


This automatic back flushable water filter is suitable for all types of water particle filtration as the main full flow filter or as a by-pass filter. It is particularly suitable for the filtration of seawater for cooling engines, generators, heat exchanger and other special equipment that needs protection. Process and waste water from petrochemical and chemical plants can also be treated.

This system may also treat process water for the oil and gas industry, onshore or offshore for water inspection, seawater, produced oily water, HVAC cooling water and firewater where precise filtration is necessary.

  • Seawater Cooling water
  • Water injection treatment
  • Fire water
  • Potable water RO membrane protection


System operation

The fluid to be filtered passes through the inlet into the bottom housing section. Half of the fluid enters the lower end of the filter elements. The other half of the fluid passes through the central riser, and enters the top end of the filter elements.

Dirt particles are captured over the entire length of the filter elements from the inside to out. Back flushing is activated as a function of the differential pressure or a pre-set time, depending on the degree of contamination of the elements.

After one revolution of the flushing device the electronic control, switches the gear-motor off when the filter is clean. With centrifugal pumps or buffered systems there is little change in the flow rate at the filter outlet during the flushing period. The regulating valve in the back flush line allows the back flushing volume to be optimised, depending on the available pressure and type of contamination.

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