Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem , develops and manufactures a wide range of filtration systems and solutions for solid-liquid filtration since the 1930’s.

With it’s headquarters and manufacturing plant based in Lochem, amafilter lfc lochem logoThe Netherlands and sales offices in the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, France, Germany and the USA. Filtration Group Process Systems is world renowned by it’s solutions and added value it provides to the process filtration industry. Active since the 1930’s as amafilter & LFC Lochem , Filtration Group Process Systems has extensive knowledge and experience in solid-liquid filtration.

Our solutions

Our extensive array of filtration products and solutions are designed to make the world safer, healthier and more productive. From water purification to advancements in bio science our products and solutions have a wide range of applications that solve complex business problems while improving our collective health.

Contact us for technical consultation. We have immediate access to a team of professional filtration experts. Industry specialists in your industry and applications.

Products we are proud of

We believe in partnering with our customers to provide the best filtration solutions for your process. Our laboratory can help to optimize your filtration process and streamline your efficiency. We offer a complete design, testing, commissioning and service together with full customer support. We also supply filter spares, elements, leaves and equipment upgrades for most types of filtration equipment.

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