Cricket filter dry cake discharge Septum plate


Cricket filter dry cake discharge Septum plate

Cricketfilters with dry cake discharge are used e.g. for the  filtration of activated carbon or animal fat. These systems create  the least product waste (residual liquid content can be reduced to 20 % for specific applications). Cricketfilters with dry cake  discharge can also be used, when the solids are the product and  the customer wants it as pure as possible (washing is an option) the big valve at the bottom guarantees a proper discharge of the
dried cake.

The Cricket filter® element

  • Unique, patented filter elements on internal filtrate manifolds
  • small internal volume
  • Cake release with minimum back wash liquid
  • No solids are disposed in the filter element
  • Wide choice of many different filter media (1-80 µm)
  • intensive cleaning of the filter medium possible
  • FDA/EU/bSE/TSE declarations available

Amafilter LFC Lochem – Filtration Group Process Systems Cricket filters are based on the current leading technology for cake filtration. The new developed septum plate range unifies the advantages of PTS polish and Cricketfilters by using the standard type I Cricket element with 1500 mm length, proven drain and top cloths can be used. The range is an excellent solution for processes where space is limited, high flows are combined with limited amounts of solids or for limited flows. Also this range is the answer for most processes where a polish filter is needed. No internal manifolds, therefore no spray nozzle or height indication needed. this results in a lower investment and less maintanance.

  • Side outlet, ensuring a completely drainable septum.
  • improve safety by reducing the use of bag filters.
  • The risk when opening bag filter housings is eliminated.
  • space saving through an excellent surface/volume ratio
    because of unique Cricket element design.
  • improved cloth mounting thanks to use of the proven Cricket type I element construction.
  • Easy to connect several filters, saving space and investment.
  • Easy to automate, therefore low maintenance required.
  • Very high cleanability due to less internal parts.

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