Filter cartridges depth

amaPure FS

The amaPure FS is manufactured using stringent standards creating a high quality melt blown filter cartridge.

The combination of very fine fibres for selectivity and coarser fibres for extra stability creates an extra special depth filter medium with true pore gradient structure.

The amaPure FS is suitable for use in food and beverage applications and many others.

amaPure HS

The amaPure HS filter cartridge is an all polypropylene depth cartridge.

The unique, one-step melt blown process is used to create a graded density which improves flow characteristics and increases dirt holding capacity when compared to other polypropylene cartridges.

The process thermally bonds the fibres together virtually eliminating media migration.

Thermal bonding also eliminates the need for a separate centre core, providing both high collapse strength and enabling easy disposal through incineration.

amaPure TS

The amaPure TS filter cartridge is an absolute rated depth filter cartridge, ideal for food and beverage, cosmetics and chemical applications. The polypropylene depth filter media is made by winding polypropylene melt blown filter layers around an internal centre core. The decreasing porosity from the outside to the inside creates a high holding capacity. The larger particles will be retained in the outer layers and the smaller particles in the inner layers. The high efficiency and high dirt loading capacity makes the amaPure TS filter cartridge the ideal prefilter cartridge for a wide variety of applications.

amaTech wound filter cartridges

The amaTech wound filter cartridges are the result of years of experience in manufacturing filter cartridges. The amaTech wound filter cartridge offers a highly effective depth filtration at a competitive price.

amaTech premium wound filter cartridges

The amaTech premium wound filter cartridges represent the state of the art in wound depth filtration technology. amaTech premium wound filter cartridges are manufactured under strict quality procedures. Each batch is tested on weight, length and air permeability, ensuring that each cartridge has the same high quality. Because of the state of the art technology used in manufacturing the filter cartridges, the amaTech premium wound filter cartridges offers a highly effective depth filtration.

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