Filter cartridges

Amafilter LFC Lochem – Filtration Group Process Systems provide a wide range of filter cartridges.

Filter cartridges overview


The amaTech premium wound filter cartridges represent the state of the art in wound depth filtration technology. amaTech premium wound filter cartridges are manufactured under strict quality procedures. Each batch is tested on weight, length and air permeability, ensuring that each cartridge has the same high quality. because of the state of the art technology used in manufacturing the filter cartridges, the amaTech premium wound filter cartridges offer a highly effective depth filtration.


amaPure filtration is a depth filtration. The unique, one-step melt blown process is used to create a graded density which improves flow characteristics and increases dirt holding capacity when compared to other polypropylene cartridges. The process thermally bonds the fibers together virtually eliminating media migration. Thermal bonding also eliminates the need for a separate centre core, providing both high collapse strength and enabling easy disposal through incineration.

The amaPure is manufactured using strict standards creating a high quality melt blown filter cartridge.


The amabond cartridge is especially designed for higher viscous fluids like resins, inks and paint. The amabond can filter liquids with viscosity up to 3,000 centipoise. Depending on the process conditions even higher viscosity fluids can be filtered. The one piece construction eliminates the possibility of breaking or liquid bypass at the joints.

The special design and material used allows for filtration at higher temperatures and high pressure resistance.

The amabond offers the most economical filtration of high viscosity liquids.


The general use of activated carbon cartridges is to remove taste, odour and colour from water and other liquids, air and gases. The amaCarb filter cartridge can be granular activated carbon, porous block activated carbon or impregnated cellulose with carbon. The amaCarb is an excellent cartridge to reduce chlorine, taste, odour, colour and organics in water. one can also use these cartridges to  reduce organics, taste, odour, colour and oil vapour in air and other gas applications.


Porous ceramic filters are used for solid particulate removal in liquid and gas applications.

These rugged porous ceramic cartridges are manufactured by fusing aluminium oxide grains using a porcelain bond to form a strong, uniformly porous and homogeneous structure.


amaLloy metal filter cartridges are designed for the most extreme operating conditions like high temperatures or chemicals. The completely welded 316L stainless steel amaLloy is available in a pleated or cylindrical construction. Together with the different media types, the amaLloy offers you excellent performance in most extreme applications. The amaLloy is not only suitable for liquids but can also be used for many gas applications.


The amaGuard are pleated filter cartridges manufactured from polypropylene or micro glass fiber and are the result of years of experience in manufacturing filter cartridges. State of the art technology is used in manufacturing the filter cartridges. The amaGuard offers highly effective surface filtration at a competitive price.


The amaFine cartridge is specially designed with either polyethersulphone or polysulphone membrane. The configuration and the protection of the sterile zone against mechanical damage are perfectly combined in a design to allow the filter cartridge with a high degree of integrity. To reduce the possibility of contaminating your product the amaFine can function as a vent filter to protect the product from viruses and mirco-organisms.

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