Cocoa butter filtration

Cocoa butter filtration, why filtration is needed in cocoa?

Cocoa butter still contains varying amounts of solids

  • Depending on pressing
  • Due to mesh size in press
  • Due to (often) broken mesh elements in press
  • => cacao butter content 0.2 – 1 %, normally 0.5 %

Cacao butter has to be clear to meet the quality requirements. Cacao butter filtration was one of the first Cricketfilter® applications in 1988.

cocoa butter filtration

Our Cricketfilter® is well suised for filtration of cacao butter

  • No precoat allowed and needed
  • Direct filtration over filter cloth

In existing factories the Cricketfilter® mostly has replaced filter presses.

The Cricketfilter® offers the following advantages over a filter press:

  • Fully closed filtration system
  • No personnel needed for permanent monitoring and discharge
  • Fully automated discharge instead of long cleaning times
  • No filter aid needed and no product lost

Cricketfilter® vs. separator: Further treatment needed after separator

The basic filtration cycles in cocoa butter filtration are:

  1. Thickening filtration of cacao butter
  2. Filling
  3. Recirculation
  4. Filtration
  5. Backwashing
  6. Sedimentation
  7. Partial emptying
  8. Slurry discharge

Mayor cacao and chocolate producers worldwide prefer Cricketfilter®.