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CRU’s Sulphur + Sulphuric Acid conference is the annual global gathering for the sulphur and sulphuric acid industries.

Over 30 years, the conference has been a premier event for anybody working in sulphur and sulphuric acid production, consumption and trade. Delegates come together to meet, learn, share experiences, discuss challenges and do business.


amafilter – LFC Lochem (Filtration Group Process Systems) will attend this meeting as the leading supplier of horizontal pressure leaf filters for sulphur filtration.

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Multiple amafilter – LFC Lochem MVWDCD suitable for paraffin wax (88 m2 filtration area) in carbonsteel


At our location in Lochem, the Netherlands, approx. 120 employees are dedicated to solid-liquid-filtration. From the laboratory to the engineering department, from sales to the highly skilled welders and fabricators in our manufacturing plant. Every time we finish a filter, it is a proud moment for our team. No matter how small …or, in this case, large: the amafilter – LFC Lochem MVWDCD in carbon steel.

The application:

Paraffin wax is a white or colourless soft solid that consists of a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules containing between twenty and forty carbon atoms. It is solid at room temperature and begins to melt above approximately 37 °C (99 °F); its boiling point is >370 °C (698 °F). Common applications for paraffin wax include lubrication, electrical insulation, and candles; dyed paraffin wax can be made into crayons.

Paraffin wax was first created in 1830 in Germany, and marked a major advancement in candlemaking technology, as it burned more cleanly and reliably than tallow candles and was cheaper to produce.


What makes these filters suitable for paraffin wax filtration?

These pressure leaf filters (a customer ordered 4x MVWDCD-2000/1500/88 in carbonsteel) are suitable for the filtration of catalyst particles from a paraffin wax stream. The filters are carbon steel pressure leaf filters with 88 m2 filtration area. These vertical pressure leaf filters feature a half pipe heating jacket to keep the paraffin on temperature because otherwise the paraffin solidifies and will block the filter. These filters are suitable for wet- and dry-cake discharge.  The design pressure of these filters is 19 bar and the maximum design temperature is high (225 C). The filter is mounted with a special designed bottom cake discharge valve as the valve has to meet the highest industry standards. The filter is also fitted with Kalrez gaskets / O-rings to meet the suspension aggressiveness. 

Again these filters are proudly made in our manufacturing plant in Lochem, the Netherlands by Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem.


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Plug-and-Play Cricketfilter-skid for the filtration of cocoa butter ready for shipment to a customer in Russia.


One of our customers will receive this ready to use, Plug-and-Play Cricketfilter-skid for the filtration of cocoa butter.

This Cricketfilter®  skid features a terminal box where the customer can connect his PLC and can start operation almost immediately.

The Cricketfilter®  skid was designed, engineered and manufactured in Lochem, The Netherlands and is TRCU-32 compliant.



Readying the terminal box.


Final check before transport


This Cricketfilter skid was designed and engineered in house by our team in Lochem.

Learn more about the Cricketfilter advantages for cocoa butter filtration:

Cleaner cocoa butter without losses in a closed and automated filter system

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Three more Versis Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters suitable for the filtration of bleached soy bean oil.


Three new Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters model “Versis” 2000-118/1810 ready for shipment.

These Versis Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters are suiteable for the filtration of bleached soy bean oil. They are equipped with a filtration area of 118 m2. They include ASME U-Stamp Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certification and will be exported to the USA.

Versis Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters are suitable for the filtration of bleached soy bean oil. These filters are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured by Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem in the Netherlands

The Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter is an extremely economical filter which has proven technology. Our vertical filters require only a small footprint. Our vertical filter systems are equipped with a cover lift assembly. Other cover lift assembly types are available on request.


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Another “special’ Cricketfilter with dry cake discharge for a satisfied customer in the pharmaceutical market.

cricketfilter CRI-610D-2- 750x750

Currently we have many small and large projects in progress at Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem. One filter that was finished this week, not the largest one, is a special Cricketfilter with dry cake discharge, specifically designed for a customer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cricketfilter with dry cake discharge

Cricketfilters with dry cake discharge are used e.g. for the filtration of activated carbon or animal fat. These systems create the least product waste (residual liquid content can be reduced to 20% for specific applications). Cricketfilters with dry cake discharge can also be used, when the solids are the product and the customer wants it as pure as possible (washing is an option). The big valve at the bottom guarantees a proper discharge of the dried cake.

Satisfied customer

After earlier deliveries, recently our customer ordered another “special” Cricketfilter with dry cake discharge, specifically designed for their application. The filter is constructed with special  alloys and stainless steel 904L internals.

Learn more about Cricketfilters here

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On their way to China, two vertical pressure leaf filters VERSIS 1800 with heavy duty cover lifts and SELO compliant

Pressure Leaf Filters Versis 1800 SELO with heavy duty cover lift for the Chinese market for sulfonate calcium crude product solution

amafilter – LFC Lochem, Filtration Group Process System, is well known for it’s high quality VERSIS pressure leaf filters.  

Today, just before our manufacturing plant in Lochem closes for a short two week summer holiday these two Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters VERSIS 1800 will leave Lochem for a customer in China. The filters designed for a chemical application are fitted with heavy duty cover lifts and are SELO compliant. 

sulfonate calcium crude product solution

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Multiple MBF Multi bag filters for the filtration of rapeseed oil ready for delivery


Another batch of custom designed and built MBF’s (Multi Bag Filters) for the filtration of rapeseed oil. Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem Multi bag filters can be custom designed and manufactured with or without a heating jacket.

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Need a rental filter / pilot filter? We have them available for you!


One of the services that Filtration Group Process Systems offers are rental filters/pilot filters systems. By the use of over 10 different rental filters/pilot filter systems. Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem can give you full detailed information on how the type of filter works, the efficiency and speed of our filtration systems, on site.

Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem can accompany the installation and commissioning for you. Further customer specific requests can be discussed as well.

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Delivery duplex stainless steel cricketfilter for a chemical application

A proud moment for projectmanager Harry van den Berg, another veteran at amafilter – LFC Lochem with 24 years experience at our company, today when this special duplex stainless steel cricketfilter, designed for the filtration of a chemical application, leaves our plant in Lochem, the Netherlands.

Not only the vessel but also the internals such as the cricketfilter elements and the external manifolds are made of duplex stainless steel.

The instrumentation of this filter was also part of the supply. The delivery includes door to door transport including systems on-site by commissioning.

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters ready for shipment


Another batch of amafilter – LFC Lochem Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters leaving Filtration Group Process Systems in Lochem for a new processing plant.

Before a shipment is released to a customer a testing procedure and fit up for critical components like the vibrator, cover lift and filter leaves takes place. One of our dedicated testers is our colleague “Eppie”. Eppie has been with LFC Lochem over 33 years and knows all the ins-and-outs of our filters.

Do not think Eppie’s 33 years experience is an exception. At amafilter – LFC Lochem, Filtration Group Process Systems we have many colleagues that surpass Eppie’s experience. These colleagues work in our manufacturing, engineering, sales and service departments and use their experience everyday for your satisfaction delivering the highest quality filters.


Filter leaves manufactured in house by amafilter – LFC Lochem.



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