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Buffalo Filter, part of Filtration Group Corporation Life Sciences Group, is dedicated to ridding the world’s surgical environments of the hazards associated with surgical smoke plume exposure. Our team of dedicated resources consistently develops innovative solutions to manage this plume in a safe and effective manner without disrupting the surgical team’s practice. With input from surgeons, nurses, surgical technologists, anesthesiologists, aesthetic practitioners, veterinarians and others involved in surgical procedures, we strive to provide solutions that protect those that care for us during our time of need.


In addition, our Clear The Air™ program can help your facility become “smoke free” by working closely with your administration and medical team providing assistance with the following:

  • Policy Development and Implementation Assistance
  • Educational Offerings (CME and CEU sponsored programs)
  • On-site Clinical Needs Assessment
  • On-site Equipment Needs Assessment

We remain steadfast in our dedication to improving healthcare safety through the management of environmental risks and for those that have entrusted us with their operative safety needs, we sincerely thank you.

Our dedication to operative safety has led to the development of non-surgical plume related technologies designed to improve outcomes for staff and patient in the years to come. In addition to our direct distribution efforts, we also partner with industry leaders through OEM partnerships. Through these partnerships, our mutual clients are able to obtain our portfolio of safety solutions while consolidating their purchasing efforts. To learn more go to Private Label/Custom Design.

Within this website you will find clinical studies, editorials, and other articles as well as tools that you can utilize to help your facility move towards a surgical “smoke free” policy that will reduce the risk of plume exposure for your team.  Surgical smoke plume is a byproduct of surgical devices interacting with human and animal tissues as incisions are made, bleeding is controlled, and samples are removed, among other applications.  Surgical plume contains biological, physical (respiratory) as well as chemical exposure hazards.  To learn more about the hazards of surgical smoke go to Education and Articles.


Surgical Smoke Evacuators

Surgical smoke is a dangerous by-product generated from the use of lasers, electrosurgical pencils, ultrasonic devices and other surgical instruments. As these instruments cauterize vessels and destroy (vaporize) tissue, fluid and blood, they create a gaseous material known as smoke. Buffalo Filter offers the most comprehensive and technologically advanced smoke evacuation product line in the world. Our products are convenient to use and effective for both the staff and patient.


Buffalo Filter offers an expansive array of filters for both Buffalo Filter surgical smoke plume evacuators, as well as for other manufacturers’ smoke evacuation systems.

Surgical Smoke Pencils & Adapters

Better positioning means better surgical smoke capture. Buffalo Filter’s extensive line offers surgeons choices and provides cost-effective solutions.

Laporascopic Solutions

Visibility during laparoscopic procedures is essential to safe and efficient care. Surgeons are demanding high definition video systems to clearly see their target surgical site but often become frustrated when fog, debris and surgical smoke inhibits the view on these systems.

Surgical Smoke Evacuation Tubing

With options that range from 1/4 in. (6.4mm) for compact locations to 1–3/8 in (35 mm) for large plume producing procedures, Buffalo Filter offers tubing for many clinical applications. Manufactured and packaged using premium tubing with a smooth inner surface, our tubing provides better flow rates and lower noise levels than competitive tubing. All tubing and wands are designed for single-use. Item descriptions indicate which tubing is sterile packaged. All Buffalo Filter tubing is latex-free.


Buffalo Filter offers a wide variety of surgical smoke accessories and convenient add-ons to complement our product portfolio. Browse our collection and find the accessories that best meet your needs.

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