filtration application expertise and services

Filter application expertise and services

Our additional filtration expertise & services

Filtration Group BV relies on its in-depth understanding of a customer’s process and liquid filtration requirements to deliver comprehensive solutions through its business model: consumables, ongoing service and customised engineered systems to optimise the customer’s process.

Filtration Group BV has developed a broad range of technologies and leading application expertise in the specific process filtration markets.

filtration sample screening Sample screening

With a half a day of testing you will get an impression if your materiaal can be filtered with our solutions. The sample screening consists of a screening, no reports, a graph with details and remarks, against a very low rate you will get a lot of data on your materiaal to make a decision on your next steps to a succefull filtration process.

filtratoin laboratory testing Laboratory test

In a 2 day test period all important parameters are being determined, for a fairly accurate sizing for your future Filtration Group filter system. This investigation/research/test is being completed by an extensive report. Also a follow-up plan can be discussed for a Pilot Installation to come to the maximum level of security when it comes to your process, continuity, risk analysis, etcetera

filtration system optimalization Optimization

In a 2 day test period, observations are being made to optimise the filtration process on:
•The correct filter aid
•The correct dosing
•The correct filter cloth or drain.

pilot filters Pilot filters

By the use of nearly 10 different rental filters the Filtration Group B.V. can give you full detailed and inside information on hów the type of filter works, the efficiency and speed of our filter systems, on site. Filtration Group B.V. can accompany the installation, commissioning, for you. Further customer specific requests can be discussed as well.

filtration process engineering package (PEP) Process Engineering Package (PEP)

To ensure the proper working of your newly puchased Filtration Group B.V. filtersystems, you can receive all relevant information which is required to design and run your system.

filtration system control System control

Control your systems with a fully programmed control system designed by Filtration Group.

This service can be purchased with several days on site support and a control cabinet.

filtration system software optimization Software optimization

If a control system is installed on your existing filter system then Filtration Group can fine tune it.

skid filtration system Skid

If you are looking for a turnkey solution and you do not have enough in-house engineering process technology experience, we can offer a total solution for your filtration problem. Due to its modular construction, we can enlarge an existing installation.

filtration commisioning Commissioning

We offer on-site support during the commissioning of your filter so you can start using your system straight away. Filtration Group can also provide a (first) process optimization.

filtration research and development partnership Research & Development Partnership

If an entirely new filtration process must be designed we can develop it. This differs from a laboratory test, because we are developing a new, never before attempted solution.

filter rescreen and repair service Rescreen and repair services

Filtration Group offers the best in filter leaf rescreen and repair services for your used or damaged pressure leaf filter screens. Our state of the art manufacturing center in Nowata, Oklahoma, USA and Lochem, the Netherlands allows for the inspection, rescreen, repair or replacement of many 5 ply screens available in the marketplace today.

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